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01 January 2013 @ 06:56 pm
[April 16, 2008, 6.56pm:] Taking a piece of advice from reannaremick (see below), I'm going to future-date this entry (which is going to take some getting used to), and keep adding to it, as new information comes in.

Here we go:

Kirsten Brown: The artwork of Kirsten Brown. Art for sale and art on commission. Dealing in the fantastical, the occult, horrific, technological, and generally amazing. Check her out, buy some art, commission her. She has Shirts, Prints, and an Art Blog.

Nina Bargiel: Nina Bargiel, of The Slack Daily and The Post-Apocalyptic Work-Out, writer of hilarious televisions, and other types of things. Generally talented, humourous, gifted screen-writer. Hire her. [05.05.08: Now also the Nerdy Miss Manners, over at AntiSocial Networking. Brilliant.]
[07.23.08: New weekly Video Chat, along with Will Betheboy "BeTheMarriage LIVE! (On Ice)". Check it Out.]

Jason Wade: Currently doing work in short films and experimental Micro-films. Low-budget, high-quality work, well-written, well-acted, well-shot. Directing, editing, and casting, superb. Watch their work, there, or on the You-Tubs and the FlickR.

Dan Schaffer: Artist and Author danschaffer is working on a number of projects, at the moment, all of which yoou will find to be disturbing, intriguing, amazing, hilarious, and thought-provoking. At present, however, the third collection of his seminal work DogWitch comes out in June, and can be reached/pre-ordered through the second Schaff-related link, above. The book is entitled "Mood Swings," and it's aptly-named, let me tell you. Pick it and the rest of the series up from Amazon, or order through his site, above. [07.04.08: Dan is also scripting the forthcoming Doghouse due to be released from Sony, next year. Keep an eye out.]

Grinding: Grinding is Grinding. Tracking the emergence of the future, or, as I like to say it, the realisation of the futurity of the present. The fact of current ability and activity towards making and mapping the course of future events, and making sure we're prepared for what we're likely to encounter, there. At least, that's how I see it.

Zachary Anderson: Develops and sells card-based role playing games which are really pretty fun. You should buy them, and play them with your friends. Presently, most well-known for Mad Scientist University, but is in the process of making more. Can probably consult on card game-related projects, for a nominal fee.

Thomas Bryan Smith: Photography, art, online database management. Useful to me in many ways, personally, as a source of information and resources.

R.M. Rhodes: Champion of Remix Culture, sex-positive, sex-progressive author, currently and proudly producing his own pornographic comix. Known for his distinctive purple suit and his ability to find amusing and interesting tidbits of information, he cuts a space in your mind which ensures you'll remember him, no matter what you think of him.

Jamie McKelvie: Artist and co-creator of the critically acclaimed Phonogram and creator, artist, and author of Suburban Glamour. Many new and interesting things, from him, including an upcoming X-Men project, the TPB collection of SG, and others. Take a look.

Jerem Morrow: Creating comics and new art, with the help of his Specialized Ninja Army (zombie monkeys, doncha know). Definitely an interesting party to know.

Jennie Breeden: Creator of the Hilarious "Devil's Panties" which is, in fact not Satanic Porn, Jennie Breeden's is a tale of someone reaching for and meeting their own personal standards for success. You can order the individual issues of her physical comics, here, as well as finding the order numbers to get them in at your local comic shop. Which I highly suggest you do. My favourite former comic-store employee and webcomic creator, and probably the only one whom I know, personally.

Kevin Schmidt: Neo-Shamanic executive transvestite. Currently writing for the aforementioned Grinding.be, as well as working on his own novel. He also has the distinction of doing "occult fact-checking and consulting for speculative fiction authors as a sideline -- most recently: Marie Brennan's Midnight Never Come." A job which-- if I may engage in some truth-based hyperbole, while quoting Meatwad, for a moment-- I would kill someone, in front of their own mother, to obtain.

Ben Templesmith: Co-creator of 30 Days of Night and Fell, and creator of the amazingly mindbending Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse (watch the video on that site. It's tops. Music by Stever). Several hats, several plates spinning, or chainsaws in the air, if you prefer a more potentially deadly metaphor.

Ego Likeness: Steven Archer and Donna Lynch. They are amazingly nice people, and their work, both musical and artistic speaks for itself, in a deep, bloody, swampy, industrial growl. [06.02.08:21.45: See also Steven's 365 Days Of Blasphemous Horrors, over at Weird Tales; a new Lovecraftian Horror, every day. Mentioned every where on the Blogocube, these past few days, if you missed it.]

Caitlín R. Kiernan: Writer of the Fortean-fantastical, the phantasmagoric, the science-based fictional, and, yes, even the horrific and terrifying. Also a little of the deliciously filthy. An author who has truly integrated her influences and made them her own, done new things with them that could not really have been done, unless she did them. See also: Murder of Angels, Tales of Pain and Wonder, and Daughter of Hounds.

Reanna Remick: Maker of shirts, crafts, and cosplay. Damn fine sewing-type person, and pretty good personal organiser.

NeedCoffee.com: Widgett, promotional genius and advertising madman. Does professionally the kind of thing I want to do. Work with him. He'll get you paid.

David S. Foley: A composer of great talent, and a fairly wide repertoir. Worth paying money for all manner of musical needs. If he would e-mail me a description of his skills and strengths, I could do this a lot more readily. *Ahem*

Dave Sim: I agree with some of his views, and disagree with others, but that's not what this is about. His new work, Judenhass, is vastly important and needs to be read by a great many people.

Sam Means: Otherwise known as C.H. Dalton, his homour has made you laugh for years, you just haven't realised it. Check out his A Practical Guide to Racism, and learn how to more properly engage in racialist studies, in the future.

Daniel Weidenfeld: Producer and contributing writer at Super Deluxe. Watach any video he's had a hand in. Brilliant.

Nick Weidenfeld: Executive Producer and Program Development Manager for Adult Swim, he probably doesn't need me to pimp him here, but I want people to know the work he does, so they can go out and say thanks to him, for it. Or whatever.

Mr Friskett's Improvisational Comedic Performance Group: A group of people who you want to watch perform comedy. Witty, intelligent, insane, hilarious. Consisting of many very funny people, including a few friends of this entity. Watch there, for upcoming shows.

Ren Bail: Writer, finishing and working on many pieces. For your reading enjoyment: 'Zombies in the Spring' and 'Night City'.

James B. Willard: Otherwise known as musician Brokenkites, maker and purveyor of fine musics. Ambient industrial, soundscapes like wind-swept ghost cities, briefly inhabited by dust and trash devils swirled into individuals and scene friezes. List to it. He's also one of the most fun and consistent waiters at R Thomas, in Atlanta.

Steve Oppelt - Prolific tattoo artist of an amazing amount of talent, in a relatively short period of time. Can always use mor clients, of course.

Leslie Carda - "does alterations mostly these days from a business she runs out of her home, but she also can offer services ranging from pattern design for clothing manufacturing, to creation of custom made outfits. you can reach her by her cell phone 678-521-7482. additionally she is a talented potter and artist, and teaches the occasional class at You Gotta Have Art."

Julie Carda - 'is a struggling fantasy author, her most recent book is Portal To Love and you can read it for free on her website.'

Scott DeathBoy: Maker of fine Industrial Musicks, to be listened to at 4 am, while drunk and philosophical about the world, and your place in it. Or when you really want to punch some idiot in the face.

Jeremy Robert Johnson: In addition to sharing the last two of his names with one of the best blues musicians of all time, the man writes some of the most disturbing, squickifying horror you will ever read. So you should read it.

theatreannie: Is in Santa Cruz, working on a production of 'All's Well That Ends Well'. If you're in the Santa Cruz area, you should check it out.

prosewitch: A Belly Dancer with the Different Drummers Belly Dancing Troupe, in the Indiana and Illinois area. Information on performances and hiring to be found at the link, above.

l_the_fangirl: Elliott Belser's visual novel, Transformation Sequence. Very interesting-sounding piece.

blackwell and planetx: 365 Tomorrows. If you don't know of it, already, now you do, and should certainly be paying attention to it.

pallandrome: Working on the 'Dexter' Game, for the iPhone. See Here, As Well. The better they do, the more likely they are to get a cross-platform release.

raoin: Jeanelle Eros- 'Part time custom jewelry maker. Jeanelle Eros (nee' Jeanelle Carda) loves to do custom work but also has a shop up on etsy: themadething.etsy.com. . . hey, if you see an idea you like, but the color is way wrong, talk to me and i can custom make you anything you want. Or if you have an idea for something, i could make that too.'

not_hothead_yet: "I help raise kids. Not always my own. Not limited to age or ability. I also take pictures of the kids I am helping to raise. I also write a mean essay, cook fabulous desserts, bake bread, design and sew diapers and covers and a whole lot more. Think of me as the modern June Cleaver with tatts and piercings."

diosa_en_disfra: Katie West. Photographer. No... That's not right. "Creator of Compressed Capsules of Entire Universes In Photographs and Words." Seriously, take a look, and appreciate what you have seen, there: http://www.flickr.com/photos/katiewest

choronzon333: P. Emerson Williams. Swami Swampa Vivaconnundrum. Choronzon. Take your pick. Too many places and links to mention, here, without doing a disservice. Besides, finding out how you've always known him is part of the fun. Impeccable to know if you need to musically fold through some thorny space-time cruxes.

jacen: Jacen Burrows. Into what? Your Freaking Mind. Able to portray images ranging from hilarity to pants-crapping terror, and all points between. Buy his comics, because he likes to eat food. More importantly, he likes drawing them.

[Written April 18, 2008, 12.50pm: 'I am trying to promote and network the people whose work I respect and admire. That includes You.

'You are to get me links and descriptions of your current work, and the kind of work for which you're looking.

'You are to take the links and descriptions that you have for the people whose works you respect and admire, your friends and heroes, and you are to post them.

'That's the Deal, remember?

'Because You're Awesome.']
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