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06 August 2012 @ 01:35 pm
I Know It's Monday, But It Sure Feels Like Tuesday  
Folks? Just for today--Just for this ONE DAY-- can we all Not Be Dicks? We just landed an amazing piece of technology on Mars.

Freaking MARS.

So just... No Partisan political rhetoric, no "I can't believe s/he did that to me," no yelling at the person who gets your order wrong.

Let's just bask in this. Just for today.

In honour of the day, The Siffy is showing Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind, a movie which is still near universally loved. Why? Because it says that those who react with fear and hatred are Wrong, but those who react with Curiosity and Cautious Optimism are to be rewarded.

I think that's a good message, today and any other.

Gods, just imagine if this had happened tomorrow, instead of today.
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