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13 August 2012 @ 01:22 pm
Yesterday morning, recovering from Saturday night, I went on a walk to the store to obtain breakfast items. I was going to do the eggs and bacon thing, but when I got there, I realised that what I really wanted was sushi. Anyway, on my way there, I was listening to a post-party hangover mix comprised of Android Lust's "Devour, Rise, and Take Flight," Nine Inch Nails' "The Slip," and A Perfect Circle's "Mer de Noms" (also Muse's song "Undisclosed Desires;" it's a thing). I saw... at least three very large Dragonflies, on the very short walk from the new place to the store. On the way out I ran into one of my former regulars from ChocoLaté. We talked a bit, caught up.

Later, while the flatmates were playing ShadowRun, I decided to go on a walk and get dinner. I went up to the Med Grill on the corner, and on the way back I decided to leave right, rather than left, left being back the way I'd come. I made this decision because I saw someone, in that direction I wanted to see, and then I kept walking in that direction, which took me, in fact, past the ChocoLaté. When I got to where I could actually see that there were people on the patio, and then discern them, I realised that they were my friends Dani and Michael. The funny part? The last time I ran into Dani and Michael was several months ago, when I went for a Sunday evening drive to get dinner. We encountered each other at the Whole foods on Lavista.

We determined that i need to go on more random Sunday evening sojourns to obtain food.

At some point yesterday I was listening to the above-mentioned music while in the process of rereading Lucifer, and just as the Constantly Consuming Mix of A Perfect Circle's "The Hollow" hit, I got to the scene where Elaine journeys into the Primum Mobile with Fenris trying to destroy it, and he's fighting Rudd and turns into a lightning bolt and that scene and that song, together, are like a slow, loving spike in the brain. Holy Fuck. Seriously. Do it.

We had a party here, on Saturday. It was a pretty great party, I'm sure all would agree. Drinking, bruises, sweat, and tarot readings. I do so love an audience.

Weave a magic, today. A spell of completion, but a spell of continuance. A spell for the strength of will to do what needs to be done. Dig within yourself and find the will to weave a spell to generate the will to dig within yourself and bulldoze burn down bury anything everything everyone anyone any part of yourself that stands in your way. Today: A magic weave.
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Listening: Farscape
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